The Starry Wisdom – The Story of Jnana Yoga (Chap – 4)

the essence of bhagavat gita for children

A young boy named Arjun lived in a town at the foot of a big mountain. He was very curious. Arjun was known for asking a lot of questions and wanting to learn about the world’s mysteries. He often looked up at the night sky and thought about the stars and how big the universe was.

Arjun was exploring the jungle near the village one day when he came across Guruji, an old and wise sage. Guruji was calm and kind, and Arjun felt at ease as soon as he saw him.

“Hello, young traveler,” said Guruji. “What brings you into the woods today?”

Arjun responded with great enthusiasm, “I love to look around and learn about everything. I want to learn more about the world.”

Guruji had a laugh. “Oh, a knowledge seeker! That’s a good thing to do, kid. “Have you ever heard of ‘Jnana Yoga’?”

Curious to learn more, Arjun shook his head.

Guruji started telling a story.

“Long ago, in a faraway land, a girl named Lila lived. Like you, Arjun, Lila was a child who was curious and thought about things. She liked to spend her days reading books and asking her wise grandma questions.”

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“Lila’s grandma once told her about a treasure hidden deep in a magical forest. This treasure wasn’t gold or jewels, but something even more valuable: the wisdom of the ages. Lila’s grandmother said that people who wanted to find this treasure had to go on an inner trip.

“Lila went on her journey into the forest, excited and interested. She had to cut through thick plants, climb up steep hills, and figure out what strange sounds she was hearing in the distance. Still, she kept going because she was hungry for knowledge.”

“As Lila went on her trip, she met many animals and other beings who taught her their wisdom. A wise owl taught her to look around and think about what she saw. A calm river taught her to go with the flow of life’s changes. And a tall tree taught her to stand strong, just as it did against the winds of time.”

Arjun listened carefully and tried to picture Lila’s exciting trip.

Guruji went on, “Lila finally came to a clearing in the heart of the jungle. There, she saw the sky and stars reflected in a calm lake. As Lila looked at her image in the water, she realized that the real treasure she had been looking for was not outside, but inside herself.”

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Arjun’s eyes got very big when he understood. So the treasure was the understanding and wisdom Lila gained on her journey?

Guruji smiled and nodded. “You’re right, Arjun. “Jnana” means knowledge or wisdom, and “Yoga” means a path or way. Jnana Yoga is the road of self-exploration and self-understanding that leads to knowledge.

Arjun thought about this for a while and then asked, “But how can we do Jnana Yoga?” How can we acquire Lila’s wisdom?

Guruji made a sign towards the sky. “Arjun, do you see those stars in the sky? Each one is a piece of knowledge that needs to be found. Jnana Yoga is about turning your attention inward, as Lila did on her journey, and looking for the answers to life’s questions within yourself.

He said, “Take some time every day to sit quietly, close your eyes, and think about your thoughts and feelings.” Ask yourself questions about the world, about life, and about your own life. This introspection will help you learn more about your thoughts, feelings, and the world around you.

Arjun nodded, excited to start his own journey of self-discovery.

Guruji smiled and said, “Arjun, remember that wisdom isn’t just about knowing facts; it’s also about understanding the true nature of things.” Just as Lila found the wealth within herself, you can find the brilliance of knowledge by exploring your thoughts, learning from your experiences, and looking for understanding.

What did Sri Krishna say to Arjuna in Jnana Yoga?

Once upon a time, in a faraway land, there were two friends, Krishna and Arjun. They talked about something really special called “Jnana Karma Sanyasa Yoga” or the “Path of Knowledge and Action.”

Krishna explained to Arjun that this path was like a treasure chest full of wisdom about our souls and the truth of life. He said, “Arjun, I’m here to share this special knowledge with you.”

Krishna told Arjun a fascinating story to explain:

“Long ago,” Krishna began, “this amazing wisdom was known to great people. But over time, this special understanding got lost. So, I’m sharing it with you, my dear friend, because you’re very dear to me.”

Arjun was curious and asked, “Krishna, you’re like a friend to me, but you’ve been around much before. How come you’re sharing this knowledge now?”

Krishna smiled and said, “Arjun, I’ve been here for many lifetimes, but you don’t remember them. I know everything, but you don’t.”

He explained that whenever goodness was in trouble, he would come back to guide people and make things right. “I’m here to protect good people, stop bad things, and bring fairness,” Krishna said.

Krishna shared a secret: “People who understand this truth and believe in it will join me forever. They won’t need to come back to this world.”

He told Arjun, “Doing good things without expecting anything in return, being happy with whatever life gives, and not wanting more is key to finding peace.”

Krishna explained the different ways people worship and do good things. Some offer prayers, some focus on their thoughts, while others follow rules and learn about wisdom.

He said, “All these ways teach us to be kind, wise, and to do good without wanting rewards.”

Krishna also talked about how understanding the truth helps us be free from worries and fears. He said, “When we understand things well, doubts disappear, and we feel peaceful inside.”

He told Arjun, “The power of understanding, like a bright light, helps us see through the darkness of doubts and worries.”

Krishna encouraged Arjun, saying, “Learn, Arjun! Gain this special knowledge and cut away your doubts. Embrace wisdom, and you’ll find peace.”

Arjun listened carefully, feeling grateful for Krishna’s guidance. He understood that wisdom helps us make good choices, be happy with what we have, and find peace within ourselves.

From that day forward, Arjun aimed to learn, grow and spread kindness, just like Krishna had taught him. And the two friends continued their journey, sharing wisdom and spreading joy wherever they went.



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