The Quest for Understanding – The Story of Sankhya Yoga (Chap -2)

the essence of bhagavat gita for children

Once upon a time, in the ancient land of Bharat, there lived a young warrior named Arjun. He was strong, skilled in archery, and loved by everyone around him. But even the bravest among us sometimes face moments when they feel unsure and sad.

Arjun found himself in a big battle, and as he stood on the battlefield, he felt lost and confused. He didn’t want to fight because he didn’t want to hurt anyone, even those who were on the opposite side. He turned to his dear friend, Lord Krishna, seeking guidance and answers to his worries.

Krishna, with a gentle smile, understood Arjun’s feelings. He knew that sometimes in life, we feel lost and confused, not sure what’s right or wrong. So, Krishna began to talk to Arjun, teaching him about something very special called “Sankhya Yoga.”

“Sankhya Yoga,” Krishna explained, “is like understanding a magical painting where everything has a purpose and meaning. It’s like understanding the colors in a beautiful painting.”

He shared that Sankhya means counting or understanding things clearly. It talks about how everything in this world comes from two important parts: the ‘Purusha’ and the ‘Prakriti.’ Purusha is like the spirit inside us, and Prakriti is the world around us.

Krishna explained that sometimes we get confused and feel sad because we forget who we truly are. He said, “Imagine being a wonderful artist but forgetting you are the one painting. That’s what happens to us. We forget we are part of something bigger, the whole beautiful picture.”

He taught Arjun that managing our feelings is like mixing colors on a palette. Just like there are different colors, there are different emotions. When we try to balance these emotions with goodness, kindness, and understanding, our lives become brighter, like a beautiful painting.

Krishna shared four important lessons with Arjun:

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  • First, he told Arjun that it’s okay to ask for help when we feel sad or unsure. Sometimes, even the bravest need guidance.
  • Second, Krishna explained that when we don’t understand ourselves properly, it can make us feel sad. Knowing who we truly are is like finding the secret to being happy.
  • Third, he spoke about ‘Karma Yoga.’ It means doing good things without expecting anything in return. Doing good deeds makes our hearts happy.
  • Lastly, Krishna described a perfect person as someone who has a steady mind, like a calm ocean, and who focuses on doing good things with all their heart.

Arjun listened carefully, feeling a sense of peace and understanding filling his heart. He realized that life’s battles aren’t just fought with swords but also with how we understand ourselves and our feelings.

From that day forward, Arjun embarked on a new journey, not just as a warrior but as someone who understood the colors of life a little better, creating his beautiful paintings every day.



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