The Magic of Stillness – The Story of Dhyāna Yoga (chap – 6 )

the essence of bhagavat gita for children

A curious young boy named Aryan lived in a village tucked between rolling hills and green fields. Aryan was known for having a lot of energy and loving to explore nature. He often got lost in the woods, climbed trees, and was amazed by all the things he saw.

One day, Aryan was exploring a peaceful grove near the town when he saw an old man sitting with his eyes closed. The man gave off an air of calmness and serenity that interested Aryan. He went up to the man and asked, “Who are you, and what are you doing here?”

The old guy gave a soft smile and said, “My name is Guruji. I practice Dhyana Yoga, a path that aids in my internal stillness and peace. Would you like to find out more?

What’s up? Aryan gladly gave a nod. “Yes, Master! I’d love to learn how to find stillness and peace.”

Guruji started telling a story.

“A long time ago, a young girl named Leela lived in a land full of ancient wisdom. Leela was curious and liked to try new things, just like you, Aryan. She loved exploring the woods and rivers, but her mind was often full of thoughts that took her attention away from the present.

“One day, Leela heard about a hermit who lived on top of a mountain far away. The secret to inner tranquillity and peace was supposedly held by this hermit. Leela went on a trip to meet the hermit because she was determined to find out what the secret was.

“It took Leela days to get to the top of the mountain. She had to walk up steep roads and cross running streams. There, she found the hermit sitting cross-legged with his eyes closed and in deep meditation.”

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“Leela went up to the hermit and said hello. The hermit opened his eyes and greeted the young traveller with a warm smile. Why are you here in this peaceful place?'”

“Leela talked about how much she wanted inner peace and stillness. Rishi was the name of the hermit who offered to teach her the art of Dhyna Yoga. He said that Dhyana Yoga is a meditation practice that helps you quiet your mind, focus your thoughts, and find a sense of calmness within.

Leela decided to learn from Rishi because she was interested. He helped her find a good place to sit down and close her eyes. He said, “In Dhyana Yoga, we focus our attention inward. We watch our thoughts come and go like clouds, letting them go gently and focusing on our breath.'”

“Leela did what Rishi told her to do, which was to close her eyes and take deep breaths. She started to notice her thoughts, fears, and plans moving by like leaves on a stream as she sat in stillness. She felt a greater sense of calmness and peace with each breath.”

Aryan paid close attention and thought about Leela’s journey to find inner peace.

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Guruji went on, “Leela practiced Dhyana Yoga every day. With each practice, she felt more connected to the world around her, more aware of the present moment, and less bothered by distractions.

“One day, Leela was sitting by a calm pond when she noticed that a breeze was making small ripples in the water. She realized that her thoughts settled down with practice, just like the waves on the water’s surface did over time. She felt like she was becoming one with the stillness around her.”

As soon as Aryan got the idea, his eyes lit up. Dhyana Yoga is like finding the stillness within us, like the water in a pond.”

Guruji gave a nod of approval. “You’re right, Aryan. Dhyana Yoga helps us find stillness in the steady flow of thoughts. It involves being fully present at the moment, watching our thoughts without getting caught up in them, and feeling the serenity that lies within.”

Aryan thought for a moment and then asked, “Is it easy to practice Dhyana Yoga?” What if we keep having the same thoughts?”

Guruji gave a kind smile. “Practising Dhyna Yoga takes time and practice, just like learning a new skill. Yes, thoughts will come and go, but you’ll learn to gently bring your attention back to your breath and the present moment. Remember that the goal is not to get rid of all thoughts, but to watch them without judging them and go back to the stillness within.

So, the story of Aryan and Leela teaches us that –

We can experience a sense of calmness, clarity, and peace amidst the busy world around us through the practice of Dhyana Yoga—finding stillness within ourselves and being fully present in the moment.

What did Sri Krishna say to Arjuna?

Once upon a time in a land where wise teachings were shared, there lived two friends named Krishna and Arjun. One day, Krishna told Arjun about something called “Dhyana Yoga” or the “Yoga of Meditation.”

“Arjun,” Krishna said, “there’s a special way to find peace called Meditation. It helps us focus our minds and connect with something bigger.”

Arjun was curious and asked, “How can we do this meditation, Krishna?”

Krishna explained, “First, we need to do our duties without always thinking about rewards. That helps our minds become clear and ready for meditation.”

He continued, “When we stop getting too attached to things, we’re already on our way to meditating. It’s like making our minds strong and calm.”

Krishna told Arjun a story to explain further:

“Imagine a person named Rohan. He learned to control his mind by doing good things without always wanting something back. He found peace by doing this.”

“Arjun, a person who can control their mind and isn’t too affected by what happens around them is like a peaceful lamp in a place without any wind. They stay steady and calm,” Krishna said.

He taught Arjun how to prepare for meditation, saying, “Find a quiet place, sit comfortably, and focus on the breath. Let go of other thoughts and concentrate on the present moment.”

Krishna also shared, “It’s important to balance things in life. Eating, playing, working, and resting—doing everything in moderation helps us focus better during meditation.”

He explained, “When our mind feels peaceful, and we start feeling happy inside, that’s when we’re getting closer to the goal of meditation.”

Arjun, eager to learn more, asked Krishna about the challenges in controlling the mind during meditation.

Krishna replied, “It’s not easy, Arjun! The mind can be as tricky as the wind. But with practice and not wanting too much, we can control it.”

He assured Arjun, “Even if someone struggles to control their mind, as long as they keep trying and doing good, they won’t face any harm.”

Krishna told Arjun that someone who puts effort into meditation, trying to be a good person, and striving to control their mind, reaches great heights in life.

Arjun understood that meditation was about finding peace within oneself and connecting with something larger than life. He thanked Krishna for sharing these valuable teachings and promised to practice them.

From that day, Krishna and Arjun practiced meditation together, finding joy and peace in their hearts, and sharing these teachings with everyone they met.



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