The Puzzle of Understanding – The Story of Vijnana Yoga (Chap -7)

the essence of bhagavat gita for children

“Long ago, in a land of ancient knowledge, there lived a young girl named Aisha. Aisha was known for her inquisitive mind and her passion for discovering the secrets of the universe. She loved spending her days exploring the forest, observing the creatures around her, and pondering the mysteries of life.”

“One day, Aisha heard about an enigmatic scholar who lived atop a distant mountain. This scholar was said to have unlocked the depths of understanding through a practice known as Vijnana Yoga. Intrigued, Aisha embarked on a journey to meet this wise scholar.”

“After days of traversing steep paths and crossing bubbling streams, Aisha reached the summit of the mountain. There, she found the scholar sitting under a gnarled tree, lost in deep contemplation.”

“Aisha approached the scholar and introduced herself. The scholar, whose name was Guruji, looked at her kindly and said, ‘Welcome, young seeker. I sense your thirst for knowledge. Vijnana Yoga is the path I follow—a practice that leads to profound understanding and insight.'”

“Curious and eager to learn, Aisha asked Guruji, ‘What is Vijnana Yoga, and how can it help me understand the mysteries of life?'”

“Guruji smiled and explained, ‘Vijnana Yoga is the path of experiential wisdom. It’s about diving into the depths of knowledge and understanding by connecting theory with direct experience. Imagine solving a puzzle, Aisha. You can learn about the pieces and their shapes, but to truly understand the puzzle, you need to put those pieces together and see the bigger picture.'”

Aisha’s eyes sparkled with understanding as she visualized the puzzle analogy.

Guruji continued, “In Vijnana Yoga, you use your senses, intuition, and insights to explore and learn. It’s not just about reading books or listening to stories. It’s about applying what you learn to your own experiences, connecting the dots, and gaining a deeper understanding.”

Aisha asked, “But how can I practice Vijnana Yoga? How can I gain this experiential wisdom?”

Guruji nodded and shared a story of a young explorer:

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“In a neighboring village, there lived a curious boy named Kavi. Kavi had a fascination with plants and their healing properties. He read books about herbs and remedies, but he wanted to know more through direct experience.”

“One day, Kavi decided to create a healing garden. He planted various herbs and flowers, observed how they grew, and learned about their unique qualities. He experimented with combining different plants to create remedies for common ailments.”

“As Kavi tended to his garden and interacted with the plants, he gained a deep experiential understanding of their properties. He realized that the knowledge he gained from books became richer and more meaningful when combined with hands-on experience.”

Aisha’s face lit up with excitement. “So, Vijnana Yoga is about learning by doing, by directly experiencing and applying what we learn!”

Guruji nodded appreciatively. “Exactly, Aisha. Vijnana Yoga encourages you to explore, question, experiment, and observe. It’s about turning knowledge into understanding through firsthand experience, just like Kavi did in his healing garden.”

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At the same moment, suddenly, Rohan, Aisha’s friend chimed in and said, “It’s like putting together the puzzle pieces and seeing the whole picture!”

Guruji smiled at Rohan’s enthusiasm. “Precisely, young one. By practicing Vijnana Yoga, you’ll find that your understanding becomes deeper and more meaningful. Your questions will lead you on journeys of exploration, and your experiences will guide you toward profound insights.”

Aisha pondered for a moment and asked, “But how do we know if we’re really understanding something?”

Guruji replied, “Aisha, when you truly understand something, it becomes a part of you. You’ll be able to explain it in your own words, connect it with other things you know, and use it to solve real-life challenges. The understanding you gain through Vijnana Yoga becomes a valuable tool that enriches your life and the lives of others.”

What did Sri Krishna say to Arjuna?

In a land filled with stories of wisdom, Krishna shared a special teaching with his friend Arjuna. He told him about “Gyaan Vigyana Yoga,” which means understanding the deepest knowledge and truth about everything.

“Arjuna,” Krishna began, “I’ll explain something very important to help you understand life better. Imagine there are thousands of people in the world, but only a few try to know the real truth about life. And among them, only a rare one truly understands me deeply.”

Krishna explained further using simple stories:

“Arjuna, think of the world like a big necklace, and I’m the string holding all the beads together. I’m everywhere, like the flavor in water, the light in the sun and moon, and even the sound in the wind. I’m part of everything, yet I’m beyond them too.”

He continued, “There are things you see and things you don’t. Like the fragrance in the soil and the brightness in fire, I’m present in everything, but it’s hard for everyone to notice.”

Krishna told Arjuna about different kinds of people:

“Some people seek me when they feel sad or when they want something. Some want to know more about the world, while others search for wealth. But the best are the wise ones. They love and understand me deeply.”

He said, “The wise ones always keep their minds on me. They are like special friends to me, and I’m very dear to them.”

Krishna shared, “As life goes on, people who understand this deep truth about me finally come back to me, realizing that I am the core of everything. Finding someone who knows this truth is like discovering a precious gem.”

He explained, “But some people get distracted by their desires and follow different paths. They think of other gods and perform various rituals, not realizing that I am everywhere.”

Krishna emphasized, “The important thing is to have faith. If someone believes in a particular way of worshipping, I help them stay firm in that faith and grant their wishes.”

He also revealed a hidden truth, “People can’t always see me clearly because I’m veiled by a kind of magic. This world doesn’t always understand that I am eternal and beyond birth and death.”

“Arjuna,” Krishna said, “the wise ones who understand me as the essence of everything, they keep their minds steady and focus on me, even when they face challenges.”

He concluded, “Those who seek liberation from the cycle of life and death and trust in me will truly understand the deep knowledge about the universe, even in their final moments.”

Arjuna listened intently to Krishna’s stories, understanding that finding the truth meant seeing beyond what meets the eye and realizing the presence of something much greater within everything.


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