Arnold Schwarzenegger in his new venture of Bodybuilding starts the newsletter club

Arnold Schwarzenegger

On December 19th, Arnold Schwarzenegger took to Twitter to announce the launch of a no-nonsense newsletter tailored for dedicated bodybuilders. Here’s what he shared in his tweet:

“I’m initiating a no-frills newsletter specifically crafted for committed bodybuilders. Here’s the scoop.”

Hey there, folks! Arnold Schwarzenegger here, diving into the world of social media with a list. Yeah, that’s right, I’m joining in on this viral list-making trend. But here’s the catch—I’m not here to sell you magic pills or promote quick fixes. No way.

Let’s break it down, the Arnold way:

  1. Healthy Eating is Key: Eat what you know is good for you. There’s no secret superfood that’ll transform you overnight.
  2. Indulge Smartly: Sure, treat yourself to some deliciousness that might not be the healthiest. Life’s too short not to enjoy good food.
  3. Train, No Excuses: Get moving! Resistance training—whether it’s with weights or your bodyweight—is essential at any age. No excuses, folks!
  4. Pump that Heart: Make your heart race a few times a week. Get that sweat going! A little schvitz never hurt anyone.
  5. Beware of Magic Solutions: There’s no shortcut, no magic pill, and certainly no easy way out. Don’t fall for those confusing, convoluted lists promising the world. They just want your wallet.
  6. My Newsletter’s the Real Deal: My newsletter? Totally free. No BS. Just the latest in health, fitness, and motivation from yours truly.
  7. Stay Real, Stay Committed: If you’ve been hoodwinked by someone selling you a gimmick, no sweat. When you’re ready to actually put in the work, I’ll still be here.

Here’s the deal, folks. Fitness and health—it’s about the grind, the sweat, the dedication. There’s no trick, no secret code. It’s about rolling up your sleeves and putting in the work, day in and day out.

I’ve been around for 76 years, and let me tell you, the formula hasn’t changed. Hard work, dedication, and a commitment to your health will always be the real deal. So, don’t fall for the gimmicks. Keep it real, keep it focused, and let’s get to work!

Stay pumped,
Arnold Schwarzenegger

P.S. Join my newsletter for some no-nonsense motivation and real fitness tips!


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